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SATISFY is a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure and is made with all natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and cannabis.
SATISFY is designed for topical use.
Apply 1 dropper full directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina. Internal application provides the highest absorption. As everyone’s relationship to THC is unique, we encourage you to experiment to find what strength is just right for your body.
It might take up to 10-30 minutes for full activation – a great time for foreplay or sensual massage.
While some women report experiencing enhanced sensations immediately, others say waiting up to an hour provides them the best results. We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for your body.
Pleasure yourself alone or with a partner as you desire.
As with all use of cannabis, plan your day accordingly and be safe.
SATISFY is not designed to be used as a traditional sex lube during intercourse. It is intended to be applied as a pre-lubricant at least 10-30 minutes before intimacy. This time period allows the active compounds of the medicine to be activated and absorbed. While some women report experiencing enhanced sensations immediately, others say waiting up to an hour provides them the best results.
We encourage you to experiment alone or with a partner to find the right combination for you.
SATISFY was created for women of all ages across the pleasure spectrum. Our testers ranged from 21-58 with consistent benefits reported from all age demographics. While younger, more sexually active women often reported an overall heightened and intensified experience, both leading up to and including orgasm, other testers have reported a sense of reconnection with their sexuality, a greater ease in accessing climax followed by a restful nights sleep.
The suggested dose is approximately 10-14 mg/ one dropper full. However, you may find that you prefer more or less than this amount and that your usage may vary from time to time. Your body’s needs are unique, we recommend that you experiment slowly to learn what dosage is best suited for you and that you consult with your primary care physician if you are using SATISFY for any specific ailments.
Arousal and experiences are different for everyone. Moreover, the experience may vary from time to time. Some women have experienced feelings of enhanced warmth, increased blood flow, tingling, and relaxation. Others have found it easier to reach orgasm or to have multiple orgasms, or that their climaxes are longer and/or more intense. For other women it has helped with relaxation and sleeping.
The majority of users do not report experiencing a psychoactive high when using SATISFY vaginally. SATISFY is designed to be used topically, but if it were ingested orally, it would have an effect consistent with a THC edible and a person could feel “high”.

Absolutely.  SATISFY can be used by both sexes, there are quite a number of creative ways to use SATISFY with a partner. 

SATISFY is composed of liquid coconut oil also known as MCT oil. As with all oils, latex condoms are non-compatible and contact can increase the risk of breakage. If using a condom in conjunction with SATISFY, we recommend choosing a non-latex condom such as a polyurethane, polyisoprene, lambskin or nitrile condom.
SATISFY is composed of liquid coconut oil, also known as MCT oil, which can degrade latex causing damage to latex sex toys. SATISFY can be used with other non-latex toys.
Yes! SATISFY is for everyone, however, it was created for women with the uniquely sensitive/absorptive skin of the vulva and vagina in mind so all serving sizes and suggested uses refer to topical use for women.
Individual experiences with SATISFY may vary considerably. It may take up to 10-30 minutes for SATISFY to be absorbed into your body for the full effect to be realized. While some women report experiencing enhanced sensations immediately, others say waiting up to an hour provides them the best results. This is an ideal time to slow down and relax deeply before beginning to pleasure yourself alone or with a partner as you normally would.
New research has also made a connection between a woman’s hormone levels and her sensitivity to THC.
Users’ experiences vary from more embodiment, more sensation, fuller orgasms, better sleep and more relaxation. If you are focused on having a particular experience, it might be hard to live up to. Relax, enjoy and see what happens!
It is important to remember that SATISFY works with the body and multiple factors can affect your experience, including stress and hormone levels, fatigue, menstrual cycle, etc.
It depends. If a partner’s penis comes in contact with SATISFY through intercourse, very little SATISFY will be absorbed and have little to no psychoactive effect on him. However, some THC oil may still be absorbed. If your partner’s mouth is coming into contact with Foria through oral sex the potential for absorption of the THC oil will be much higher.
Liquid coconut oil is made from organic coconut oil that has been processed to remove the saturated fats (including lauric acid) that ordinarily cause coconut oil to stay solid at room temperature. This leaves the other types of fatty acids present in coconut oil including oleic, linoleic, capric and caprylic acids. Liquid coconut oil, or MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, and has been used in cosmetics and dietary supplements.
Coconut oil is ideal for SATISFY because it is edible and beneficial to the skin. Coconut oil is known to have antimicrobial properties when used topically and is also naturally slightly acidic with a pH of 5-6. A healthy vaginal pH is also slightly acidic, between 3.8 and 4.5.
Coconut oil is revered as a healthy food and has been hailed for its high concentration of “good fats” a.k.a. medium-chain triglycerides.
Please consult your physician regarding the use of SATISFY if you are pregnant.