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Enjoy Yourself!

Enhance your arousal, soothe your mind and please your body with Satisfy

About Us

At SATISFY our focus is on woman's satisfaction. We're building a brand that aims to change the bedroom experience as we know it. We didn’t grow up with a dream of one day creating a "sex-startup". The idea evolved almost by serendipity, along with our search for pleasure.

We take your Pleasure Seriously

At satisfy, we create products designed to make intimacy easier– whether solo or together. no judgment, no rules – Just pure fun. Your way

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from people who say our products have changed their life.

Pleasure is Your Nature

We’re here to help you have really good sex and more of it, with effective & all-natural formulas for sexual wellness, lifelong pleasure, & vibrant wellbeing.
Just like you, we have high standards in the bedroom (and beyond). That’s why we’re committed to plant-based & organic ingredients always and forever, for your health and for the health of our planet.

What clients say